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Machines Name & Photo
 Fully automated fluorescence flow cytometry haematology analyzer- XT 1800i Sysmex, Japan.
The KX-21N is a fully automated hematology analyzer, easily fitting into any laboratory and ideal as a backup analyzer to the Sysmex full differential analyzer system.
Ease of system operation and maintenance - does not require highly skilled personnel
Fully automatic sample aspiration, dilution & analysis for 19 parameter test results
Compact instrument 'footprint'
Daily maintenance is automatically performed at every start up and shut down
Network capable (requires optional LAN adaptor)
Multi-language software available (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish)
Suitable for central laboratories, emergency rooms or physician's office laboratories
For more information, please contact your local Sysmex agent.
 Fully automated fluorescence flow cytometry haematology analyzer- XT 1800i Sysmex, Japan.
The XT-1800i is a compact, high performance hematology analyzer providing accurate and precise CBC results, including a fully automated WBC 5-part differential.
Provides excellent separation of normal & abnormal cell populations, using patented new fluorescent reagent technology
Employs a reliable, economical semiconductor laser as light source for flow cytometry
Cost effective discrete testing modes & real-time random access testing significantly improve Turn Around Time (TAT)
Network capability allows for easy integration with computer network
Higher throughput available by connecting two units (requires optional TCM software)
Multi-language software available (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish)
Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI) ensures standard easy operation
For more information, please contact your local Sysmex agent.
  Fully automated ABG (Blood gas) analyzer- GEM premier 3000, U. S. A.
Block Scientific is one of the most dynamic and best known lab equipment providers in the U.S, with branded new and recertified lab equipment made available at affordable rates. IL GEM Premier 3000 is a portable electrolyte analyzer from Instrumentation Laboratory, capable of analyzing whole blood for blood gases, metabolites, electrolytes, and hematocrit.
Capabilities and Features
GEM Premier 3000 with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM™) system combined with cartridge-based technology and cost effectiveness, makes this a device of choice for many for use in hospital facilities—laboratory settings, respiratory care and point-of-care locations. With a GEM Premier 3000 electrolyte analyzer in your institution, it is possible to obtain results for measured analytes such as PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Glucose, Lactate hematocrit pH. Results for derived analytes including base excess, HCO3, total CO2, and O2 saturation can also be obtained.

IL GEM Premier 3000 analyzer, which offers the highest degree of flexibility, reliability, connectivity, and efficiency, delivers outstanding performance and value in critical care testing. Some of the features specific to GEM Premier 3000 are demographic look-up and patient verification options; intuitive, easy-to-use touch-screen; 28 cartridge menu and size configurations; and co-oximetry and coagulation modules.
 Fully automated ESR analyzer- Ves Matic 20,Italy
The VESmatic 20 is a Sed Rate testing syste full automation with internal mixing and reading. It features a bi-level (normal and pathological) ESR-control blood for precision and accuracy evaluation, and infrared sensor.

It’s a closed system designed with plastic sample collection tube, and simple to use-in three easy steps. Just draw the patient’s sample, insert the primary tube in the analyzer, and push the run button. The results are generated in 20 minutes according to the ICSH-Westergren method.
Automation with optimum accuracy (ICSH approved)
Ves-matic 20 (US FDA approved)
Automated analyzer with inbuilt mixer and printer
Readings perfectly correlated with Westergren method
ESR analysis in 20 minutes by sedimentation kinetics
Automated temperature correction to 18 ° C
Evacuated ESR tubes prefilled with sodium citrate
External barcode reader port
  Fully automated dry chemistry analyzer
  1) Vitros 250, Johnson & Johnson U. S. A.
• Efficient and productive in multiple environments
• Easy to operate - just plug in and go
• Reduce your costs. Streamline your workflow
• Consistently reliable, high-quality results
• The best checks and balances on any chemistry system
The Ortho Clinical Vitros 250 Chemistry System is a flexible system that can function as a single routine and STAT analyzer, a dedicated system for STATs or esoterics, or as a full-menu back-up to the VITROS 950. You get the same assay menu, features and ease of use as the VITROS 950, plus on-board dilutions, with a smaller footprint. So take a closer look and you'll see that the Ortho Clinical Vitros 250 Chemistry System is the ideal choice for a variety of high-productivity applications in hospitals, physician offices, clinics and satellite labs.
Efficient and productive in multiple environments
Full menu backup to VITROS 950
Small footprint
Customized patient report for physician office laboratories
Optional positive patient identification (PSID) enables LIS interfacing
Automatic urine dilutions, on-demand serum dilutions
Up to 250 results/hour, with 40 + on-board chemistries
The system of choice for consistently reliable, high-quality results.
Provedn MicroSlide technology sets the standard for superior assay precision
Minimal interference from hemolysis, lipemia and bilirubin
Fewer repeats, redraws and dilutions than with wet chemistry systems
Backed by the company top rated in service and support for over 17 years.
The best checks and balances on any chemistry system
Short sample detection/clot detection/bubble detection - ensure accuracy
Unique Smart Metering - ensures dependable testing integrity
Disposable tips - ensure no carryover
Continuous process verification - ensures the right result the first time
Easy to operate - just plug in and go
No deionized water, no plumbing, no drains
Load bar-coded slide cartridges, of any lot number, in one easy step - with no reagent preparation
Accepts any size primary/secondary containers or cups
Small sample size requirements
User-friendly help text is available at all times
Biosafe operations with no infectious waste
Reduce your costs. Streamline your workflow
Unit-dose test slides provide predictable operating costs
Supports multiple slide lots on board at one time for better inventory control
Low labor requirements
QC once daily/up to 6-month calibration stability for most assays
True random-access testing
  2) Vitros DTSC II, DT 60 II, DTE II, U. S. A.
  3) Vitros 250, Johnson & Johnson U. S. A.
VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry System offers intuitive, easy-to-use and easy-to-train graphical user interface with on-board documentation (VDocs) with animated help and e-Connectivity® Interactive System Management for proactive diagnostics and updates. This system also features 160 samples on board and a dedicated STAT lane, disposable tip metering and repeat, reflex and dilution testing.

VITROS® 5,1 FS offers parallel processing of routine and special tests for uncompromised workflow with MicroSensor™ sample quality indices and no additional sample volume requirements and no impact on productivity.
True workflow consolidation with 80 tests on board (45 MicroSlide, 35 MicroTip) and 125 Reagent positions
10 user-defined applications
No water, plumbing, drains, fixed probes, or mixing assemblies
  Fully automated Electrolytes analyzer- ILyte, Japan.
Our company is engaged in offering quality range of consumables for ILyte Electrolyte Analyzers those are widely used in various diagnostic centers, clinics and hospitals for determining the electrolytes in whole blood, serum, plasma and urine. We manufacture Electrodes and reagent packs for ILyte Electrolyte Analyzers with the help of latest manufacturing techniques and high grade raw materials as per the standards.

ILyte Electrolyte Analyzers can determine sodium, potassium and chlorine levels present in the sample. This analyzer is designed with automatic features for testing the sample accurately in quick time. The electrodes which are manufactured by us for Ilyte Electrolyte Analyzers ensure longer service life of the device.

  Fully automated Electrolytes analyzer- ILyte, Japan.
The Alere Triage® MeterPro is a high-performance, comprehensive testing platform for use in the laboratory or at the point of care, and is the trusted choice in thousands of hospitals and physician offices worldwide. The comprehensive test menu includes cardiovascular, renal, toxicology, and women's health assays (some assays not available in the USA). Connect to the diagnostic answers you need to safely make rapid treatment decisions.
  Fully automated Coaguletion analyzer- KC 4 Delta, U. S. A.

KC4 Delta – semi automated coagulation analyser
Tcoag’s KC4 Delta is a semi automated coagulation analyser with a four test position providing operators with a compact easy to use system. KC Delta series instruments use micro-mechanical clot detection technology for clotting assays. In combination with KC4 Delta, Tcoag provides a reagent portfolio as a comprehensive solution to your choice in Haemostasis.
Gold standard micro volume chronometric detection
Pipette auto start testing
LCD display and optional printing of results
Incubation area for 8 samples and 5 reagents
Programmable test modes, single or duplicate testing
Measuring Features
Pre packed single micro cuvettes with ball bearing for easy loading
Store reagent ISI values for automatic INR calculation including calibration curves
Preparation area for 12 sample and 4 test positions to perform all clotting assays
Suitable for STAT and routine testing
Test menu for PT, aPTT, fibrinogen, factors
Maintenance free operation
  Fully automated ELISA  Reader- Lablitle elite 96 II
  Fully automated HbA1C and Electrophoresis analyzer- Bio-Rad D 10, HPLC  Analyzer, U. S. A.
  Fully automated Immunoassay analyzer
  1) Elecsys 2010, Roche Hitachi, Japan
Roche Diagnostics Elecsys 2010 has the power and efficiency to meet the needs of medium and large volume testing facilities.

Roche Elecsys 2010, which is available in the form of sample disk or a rack handling system, can be operated in both continuous and random access modes.

The throughput rate of this analyzer is 86 tests per hour and on-board capacity is of 15 tests. Elecsys 2010 disk and Elecsys 2010 rack holds 30 and 100 positions for samples respectively.

With Roche Elecsys 2010 system at your workstation, you can attain benefits such as easy and trouble free operation, workflow flexibility, faster turnaround times, broad measuring ranges, and more.
Touch screen
Easy to use software
Two-dimensional barcode technology for reagents
Calibrators and controls
Ready-to-use reagents
Recertified with 90 day parts warranty
Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available
Service contracts may be available
  2) Mini Vidas, Biomerieux, france
VIDAS® and miniVIDAS® instruments are multiparametric immunoassay systems designed to help provide better care and the most accurate laboratory results.

Save time with stat results, close patient cases and free up beds quicker. Save resources by eliminating unnecessary diagnostic tests. Identify and treat patients quickly. Initiate the targeted treatment.

Take control with on-site immunoassay testing capabilities from bioMérieux's Physician’s Office Laboratory suite. VIDAS and miniVIDAS deliver faster more accurate results and profits to your bottom line. In a time where HMOs, capitation and Medicare/Medicaid are constantly chipping away at physicians' businesses, you can now regain control of your patient and financial outcomes, while adding a profit center.

• For Clinical and Physician’s Office Laboratories
• For Clinicians and Administrators

Features and Benefits
VIDAS is an automated, multiparametric immunoassay testing system. This uniquely designed testing device stores the calibration in the analyzer's memory, thus optimizing the cost-per-patient result. Plus, with its ready-to-use reagents, minimum maintenance, ease of use and uni/bi-directional interface, labor cost is also optimized. Automation and kinetic assay reactions yield rapid turnaround time.
The VIDAS® system allows for a flexible work routine with:
A sectioned architecture (5 sections of 6 tests each)
An add-on modular system
More efficient workflow
Batch testing (up to 100 tests/2 hr.)
Single sample testing
STAT capability
Multiparametric testing
  • All VIDAS assays are single-dose format assays
  • Everything included in one kit
  • No reagent preparation – just load and go
  Fully automated Urine analyzer- Uro dipecheck 300 ERBA, Germany
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